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Project Leasing

The key to the financial success of all investment real estate is the ability of the owner to obtain and retain tenants. We execute marketing and leasing strategies for owners and investors, securing tenants and negotiating lease terms that support our clients’ best interests.

Our leasing philosophy is to address every assignment as though we were the owner and to view those assignments from every angle. From developing the leasing strategy and identifying the strengths of your asset to determining the best marketing strategy and attracting the most suitable tenants, we bring a proactive leasing approach to your asset so you can focus on continuous financial growth.


Maintaining relationships with tenant representation brokers in the market is essential. This, along with our relationships within local and national professional organizations allows us to leverage these contacts to provide maximum exposure to your asset and generate more opportunities for closing the next transaction.

We also provide key integrated services that pair with our leasing strategies, creating a holistic approach for your asset and generating the most value for your investment:

Management Services

To maximize an asset’s value for the property’s owner, our leasing brokers work in tandem with our management professionals to focus on tenant retention. Outstanding customer service and total tenant satisfaction are our priority. That, combined with the fiduciary responsibility to the owner, guides decision-making in the delivery of each service.


Research plays an integral part in near-term decision-making and long-range planning for our clients. Industry trends, market activity, tenant intel and market rates are key in understanding the best course of action in your leasing strategy.

Property Marketing

Our marketing experts work in tandem with our leasing brokers to develop an innovative marketing strategy tailored to showcase your asset and make an impression.